El Hierro–La Palma 21-30.07.2023

El Hierro-La Palma

El Hierro

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La Gomera

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This time we are going to visit the palm honey museum (Centro de Interpretación de la Miel de Palma), where the process of obtaining palm juice and then its concentration is presented. There is a film in Spanish with English subtitles, in addition there are devices for obtaining “molasses”, photos and a room where you can weave something out of palm leaves. Admission is free. All in all mie this is a large museum but an interesting exhibit. At the end, of course, a shop where you can buy palm honey, palm honey tincture and other products. Of course we buy a bottle of palm honey. After visiting the museum, we continue on the GM-1 road, stop for lunch in Vallehermoso and return to the marina.

Tenerife San Miguel

Marina Amarilla

Marina in the south of Tenerife. We are standing next to the marina office at the Y-boom, but short, so we also have moorings on both sides, and the stern to the floating pier. The toilets and showers in the office building are card-free, clean, and there is even a hair dryer in the ladies room. The entrance to the pier at the reception desk does not require a card, it is secured only with a chain and a plate. There are bins for sorting on the pier above.
Near the marina there are barges (they have tasty and not expensive food), a golf course (Amarilla Golf), with a bit of luck you can find golf balls lost by “players”.
Among the apartments and hotels there are a few small grocery stores (our frog class), but you can buy basic things. For more shopping you have to go to Las Chafiras (about 4 km), there is a Hiper Dino, an electric one, a Chinese center and even Ikea. Cicar rentals are at the airport (about 10km from the marina).

Road to La Palma

At the beginning we sail in the shadow of El Teide, the wind reaches a speed of 4 kn, so we sail on the motor, but we meet three herds of sleeping dolphins and one herd not sleeping. We sail like this for almost 4 hours, but after passing Tenerife it dissipates to 20kn, so we put the jib and a little mainsail and sail with the half-wind 6-7kn, The average speed for the entire section (78Mm) is 6kn.

La Plama

Marina La Palma (Santa Cruz de La Palma).
First, you should report to Traffic Control on channel 6VHF and ask if you can sail through the port to the marina. Then, after obtaining permission, you need to report to the marina (Marina La Palma) on channel 9VHF. The entrance to the marina is closed with lift gates (when they are lifted, 3 red lights are on) – you have to ask to open the gate. The procedure takes a few minutes, but you should wait for the green light. You must go to the reception. There is a 24-hour marinero service in the marina. Marinero shows the place by the pier and helps to take the moorings.

The marina office is open from 9:00 am to 4pm. You must have a completed entry form, yacht documents and current insurance. There is a lot of waves in the marina (despite the closed gates) and in the evening you can hear the ferry rubbing against the shore (as it just arrived). It is a bit noisy at night (from various aggregates and cum), but all in all nice. There is free WiFi, toilets, electricity and water. The entrance to the platform is not closed (only the chain at the entrance to the platform is removed), but the area is monitored. The deposit for the shower card is 10€.

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