Sail with us

Welcome on board!

When you decide to sail with us, you become part of the crew. If you have never sailed before, don’t worry! Sailing isn’t really that difficult – and it’s an unforgettable experience unlike anything else. We will reach you the basics of sailing, boating knots, navigation and many other things that are useful while sailing and living on a yacht.
Do you like to cook? Great! We have a comfortable and well-equipped kitchen and a lot of storage space for supplies.
Do you like to stargaze? We also sail at night, and there’s nothing quite as astonishing as the night sky seen from the sea, far away from the lights of cities.
Do you like to steer? The autopilot need not always be on! 😉
Safety is always our priority. Immediately after boarding we give an obligatory course on handling the safety equipment and yacht security fundamentals.
You will get your own berth and a lot of storage space in the wardrobe.
We are not a commercial enterprise and we don’t make money from our trips – the costs are shared equally between all crew members and the captain. We split evenly on board costs (these being port charges, food, fuel etc. – the exact amount depending on how hungry the crew is and on where are we sailing, and we calculate it at the end of the trip) and yacht renovation costs (these fund our yacht’s continued existence, necessary repairs and so on, and they have a flat rate, depending on the sailing region).
Weather at sea changes rapidly and unpredictably – sometimes we may not be able to reach all the ports we planned to reach (or go to other ports) because the sea and weather conditions make it impossible to do that safely (and safety is always paramount for us – we try to spend storms in port). Don’t worry, though – we always reach the starting and ending ports for a trip.

A couple of yacht rules:

  1. No drinking alcohol at sea. In port you can do as you like (but follow some common sense limits – the next day should be pleasurable, not painful, and nobody likes a hangover)
  2. Always hold on to something when moving on the yacht. Never run around on the deck.
  3. At night or during bad weather everybody has to wear safety jackets with safety straps and tether themselves to stable yacht elements. If you don’t feel secure, you can also wear the jacket all the time (they are really comfortable!)
  4. Sea sickness is somewhat overhyped. Each body is different and handles sea movements differently. Some people never experience sea sickness! If you are affected by it, don’t passively let it ruin your time. Try to participate in the yachting life anyway and spend a lot of time on the deck. If you feel sick, wear the safety harness!
  5. Murphy’s law says that the moment you put a cup full of tea on a table, it will probably fall down. Add waves and wind, and it becomes a certainty! Never put things in place they can fall from (especially heavy or valuable things), try to keep everything in order, and pay particular attention to where you put things while at sea.
  6. If you don’t know something or have some doubts, ask without hesitation! Remember: there are no stupid questions.
  7. The crew eats together, sails together and spends a lot of time together – we expect everyone to strive to be accepting, good-humored and easygoing. If problems arise, they should be talked about – communication is the key!

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