Lanzarote – Gran Canaria 28.05-08.06.2023

Lanzarote-Gran Canaria


Marina Lanzarote

Marina Lanzarote in Arrecife is a relatively new marina. In the high season (October-February) you need to book places (, but in the off-season there are plenty of places. The marina office is open 7 days a week from 8 am to 4 pm. The marina belongs to the Calero Marinas team of marinas. Becomes in Y-boms. Electricity and water on the quay – separate connections for each yacht.

When entering, you need to call Marina Lanzarote on VHF channel 9 – during office hours, the offices will tell you where to stand, and outside office hours, marinero will put the boat in a guest spot and the next day you will have to move. Marinero collects the moorings and helps with mooring. Most of them know a little English. Note: each power pole has a location number and needs to be turned on in the office (the marinero does this when first connected), but removing the plug from the socket turns off the power in the post – then you have to call, give the socket number and ask for it to be turned on. You pay for the stay for the night, but taxes for the day, i.e. if we stay for 4 days, we will pay for the marina for 4 nights, but taxes for 5 days (fortunately, it is not a large amount). We paid about 23€ per day for our yacht. A card is required to enter the pier, toilets and shower (10€ deposit). The deposit can only be recovered during office hours.
In the marina there is a sailing shop (they have good prices for ropes), a clothes shop, HiperDino Express (grocery is rather poorly stocked), a lot of pubs, Cabrera Medina car rental, and at the end of the pier there is a tourist information office, but only open until 2 pm on these days, when the cruise ship arrives. The shopping center with Mercadona and HiperDino is about 15 minutes on foot.

Montana Blanca

Montaña Blanca is located in the Volcanoes National Park. The route is about 10 km and leads through a lava field to the crater of the volcano. Along the way, there are information boards about various rock formations that can be viewed along the way. Caldera Blanca is the largest volcano in Lanzarote, its diameter is almost 1.5 km, but the height is only 364 m above sea level. The trail ends at the Caldera, but it’s worth spending another hour to walk around the caldera. The views are lovely. At the top of the caldera, ravens hunt for food thrown to them by thyristors. For the trip, it is worth taking comfortable full shoes on hard soles (most of the trail runs on crushed lava). The whole trip with stops to admire the views takes about 5 hours, so it is worth taking water and something to eat with you. The beginning of the trail can be reached by car.


Marina Rubicon

Marina Rubicon is a private marina, it is advisable to book a place there in advance (, although it is not a problem in the off-season. The marina is located in Playa Blanca in the south of Lanzarote. Before entering, please report on VHF channel 9 and approach the pier by the reception desk. From the marinero you get papers to fill out (the first time a form for the marina and a form for the police, and the second time only for the police), a card for the showers (10€ deposit) and shows on the map where we should stand. Then he takes a motorboat to this place and picks up the moorings from us. The marina office is open from 9am to 6pm on weekdays. The ladies in the office speak English. In the office you can also get information about the town and surrounding attractions. Every Wednesday and Sunday there is a market in the marina. Mainly Chinese, but there is also some local handicrafts.

The marina area is large, there are many pubs and shops (mainly with clothes and beach accessories), there is also HiperDino express and Cabrera Medina car rental. There is also a hotel with a swimming pool (supposedly 2 people from the yacht have free access to it, but we don’t have the opportunity to use it). There is also a marina wifi, temporarily not working, because they change the provider. The town is a typical resort with a large crowd of tourists. Nearby there is a shopping center with another HiperDino express. There is also a travellift and a small shipyard for minor repairs. We pay €40 with the marina, but they give discounts for membership in various sailing organizations.
The ferry port (from where ferries to Correlejo in Fuerteventura run) is about 30 minutes on foot.
We dive with Bonito Diving Lanzarote. Our instructor is Kasia – a very nice woman – Polish, as well as all instructors in this office. We decide to do a deep diving certificate (i.e. diving up to 40m). The course consists of a theoretical part on the SSI website, after each part there are test questions, and at the end a theory exam, which we pass 100%.
Now it’s time for practical classes. Classes consist of 4 deep dives (below 30m). Kasia comes to the marina to pick us up by bus with equipment (jackets, cylinders, automats) and we go to the diving site. On the first day we have 2 dives planned at La Catedral (Puerto del Carmen). As part of the exercise, we break a raw egg under water – the yolk with the white coating floats in the water :-). We compare the indications of our diving computers (there are slight differences) and we keep an eye on the no-decompression time.
On the second day we dive at Agujero Azul (Puerto del Carmen). This time we go down to 38m and in shallow water (7m) we practice releasing the buoy. When planning dives, we use tables. We plan the last dive ourselves. The course is very interesting and the dive sites are beautiful, full of large and small fish and seahorses. At the end we get certificates, they also appear in our application.

Puerto del Rosario

Marina Puerto del Rosario

The owner of the marina is Puertos de Las Palmas, i.e. the state complex of ports of Las Palmas. Policemen help with mooring, and formalities are dealt with at the port office (about 15 minutes on foot from the marina). You pay for the day started (until midnight). You get one card per yacht, but without a deposit. The card is used to enter the marina area. We pay 19€ per day for our yacht. Water and electricity included in the price. You can use the new toilets in the ferry port area, but there are no showers.
The marina is relatively new and has plenty of vacancies. Marina does not take reservations.
Before leaving, you must put your marina card in the box at the entrance.
The shopping center with Hiper Dino, sports and electrical shops is about 10 minutes on foot.


The city does not impress with its size. The capital of the island, but the size of our county town, has about 35,000 inhabitants. You can reach everywhere on foot. There is a nice beach with yellow sand next to the marina. Many houses have murals painted on the walls – some very nice. There is a promenade with shops and pubs, a Chinese shop (and even a few). There is a vegetable market at the bus station (upper level) on Saturday. It works from 10 to 14, but it’s worth coming right after it opens – then there is more choice. The stands are in the hall under the roof. You can pay by credit card.

La Lajita – market

The market in La Lajita is inside the Oazis Park, but before the entrance fee. It takes place every Sunday. It was supposed to be a super food market with lots of spices and local vegetables, but it turned out to be mainly a local handicraft market. There were 4 vegetable stalls, and the selection was small. In addition, we meet the same sellers as at the market in Puerto del Rosario by the bus station (there is a market on Saturdays) and in general it has a larger selection. Maybe now is not the season for vegetables. Everyone said it was too hot for spinach :-).

Morro Jable

Marina Morro Jable

The marina is part of the Puertos Canarias state-owned marina complex. There is practically no space in it. Sometimes you can park at a closed gas station. The rest is occupied by residents, fishing boats and pleasure yachts. In the marina in the building of the harbor master’s office there are only toilets, no showers. There is no electricity at the station.

The price depends on how it becomes. If it is parallel to the shore, you pay twice as much as perpendicular. Generally not recommended. If there are no berths in the marina, you can anchor in front of the beach, although there is a lot of waves there. Next to it, on the left side of the entrance, a new marina is being built (Marina Jandia), owned by Puerto Caleras (this will be their fourth marina in the Canary Islands), other marinas we have visited (Marina Lanzarote in Arrecife, Marina Puerto Calero – also in Lanzarote and Marina La Palma on La Palma) are fine.


Morro Jable is a lovely resort with a nice beach and plenty of hotels and guesthouses. It is worth going for lunch to the Vesubio restaurant with a view of the beach and the sea (the restaurant on the very shore), and then for ice cream at the neighboring ice cream parlor (Coco Banana).

Las Palmas

Marina Las Palmas

The largest marina in the Canary Islands. The owner of the marina is Puertos de Las Palmas, i.e. the state complex of ports of Las Palmas. It is the largest marina in the Canary Islands. It has 1,250 berths, although most of them are permanent residents of the marina. Marina is cheap, we pay about 14€ for our yacht. The price includes water, electricity and showers. The showers are along the street parallel to the port and by the gas station – 4 rooms in total. Before entering the marina, you must report on channel 11VHF with the name, length and width of the yacht.

Marina does not make reservations, but you can call ahead and ask what the situation is. You swim to the reception wharf (at the very beginning of the marina on the left) and do the formalities there. You have to buy cards to enter the pier and toilets (5€ each), and in the office they program in the system for the time of parking and the number of the pier. The card is also necessary to get off the pier! You can receive an invoice either on paper or by e-mail. After completing the formalities, the marinero sail the dinghy, show the place and help with mooring.
From October to mid-January, there is no chance of a place in the marina, because all places are taken by ARC (3 types) and other regattas. Along the street running by the marina there are several sailing shops, a small grocery store, diving offices, several pubs and workshops. There is also a travel lift, but managed by Rolnautic and not by the marina.

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