Arround Gran Canaria 10-19.03.2023

Arround Gran Canaria

Route: Las Palmas – Pasito Blanco-Puerto Magan-Santa Cruz-Las Palmas
Dates: 10-19.03.2023
Miles/ Hours: 172Mm/40h

11-03-2023 Saturday
In the morning breakfast at 7:30 and a few minutes after 8 we leave. We sail in 7 people. We approach the gas station and refuel tank number 3. We sail towards Pasito Blanco. We are sailing on the genoa, there is a lovely sailing off the wind. There is no eager to make dinner, so Tomek makes dinner – pork chops with mashed potatoes and tomato. It disperses to 26 kn, so we reef the genoa.

Maspalomas dunes Maspalomas lighthouse

Around 5 pm we enter the marina – of course, no one answers us on channel 12, so we take the first free place and will try to find marinero. The marina office is open on Saturdays until 1 p.m. and is closed on Sundays. A marinero comes to the yacht and asks us to move to another place. We moved and then I go to the gas station to get cards for toilet. In the evening we sit and talk. We discuss plans for the next day.

12-03-2023 Sunday
I’m booking a car for today from 12 in the morning. After breakfast, Tom goes to pick up the car. We get an 8 seater bus. We are going on a trip to the interior of the island. It turns out that in order to enter and exit the car, you have to overcome a barrier.

Gran Canaria view from Roque Nublo Grean Canaria Roque Nublo Grean Canaria rock Grean Canaria view from Pico de Las Nieves

We visit Roque Nublo (about 1.5 km walk), and on our way back we buy almond meringues. Then we go to Pico de Las Nieves. The car takes you to the top. We watch beautiful views and go to see the Caldera de Los Marteles. The caldera is large, and there are plowed fields at the bottom.
Returning to the marina, we stop at a local restaurant for lunch.

13-03-2023 Monday
In the morning Tomek and Kamil are going to refill the gas bottles. It takes them 2 hours, but they load 2 bottles (apparently you can’t carry more by car). We pay per kilogram of gas, so they charge 11kg and 5kg. I’m taking care of the formalities at the marina. It takes a very long time, the lady explains that it’s because it’s Monday. Tom returns after 1 p.m. by bike after returning the car. We take the bus to Maspalomas and walk to the dunes. They are a bit like those in Łeba.

Maspalomas camels Maspalomas dunas Gran Canaria signpost

There is a reserve in the middle and you can’t walk there. We go around the reserve and go to the beach. Tomek and Mateusz are swimming in the sea. We return to the marina by the sea, first along the promenade, then along the path and finally we squeeze by the rocks. Returning in Spar, we buy beer. Dorota is making delicious risotto for dinner.

14-03-2023 Tuesday
After breakfast and returming the cards, we leave. They do not charge anything for electricity and water. We have 15Nm to sail in the shadow of Gran Canaria, so we are sailing on the engine. We do a little maneuver on the engine, we draw letters on the water.
We enter the marina around 1 pm. We stand with the stern to the quay on the moorings. We have our own ladder to go ashore, but the yacht must be moved away from the quay due to the tides (there is no floating pier). A bit inconvenient, but we manage. It’s warm, so we’re going to take a bath on the beach.

Puerto Magan street Puerto Magan view Puerto Magan balcony

In the afternoon we visit the city, and in the evening we go sightseeing – a small tourist town with nicely maintained houses with shutters typical of the area – everything for tourists

15-03-2023 Wednesday
After completing the formalities in the marina and having breakfast, we sail towards Tenerife.
It blows 20-25 kn from the NE, so first we sail on the reefed mainsail and jib, and then we roll up the mainsail and jib and set the genoa alone. We arrive in Santa Cruz in the evening, the marina office is closed, so I take 2 cards from the marinero.

Santa Cruz port Santa Cruz entrance Santa Cruz Logo

16-03-2023 Thursday
In the morning we buy antifouling for the screw and adapters for the gas cylinder. We return to the yacht, pull Mateusz up the mast for inspection.
In the afternoon we do a photo shoot with cups, then we take a photo of the crew and everyone signs it. I call the marina in Las Palmas and everyone says that there are no places, but nevertheless we leave in the evening, hoping that something will be found there.

17-03-2023 Friday
We sail all night on a reefed mainsail and foresail. Wind from 15 to 25 kn. In the morning it dies, so we replace the seal with a genoa and develop the mainsail. We enter the marina around 8 am, but they throw us out and make us wait until they find a place. We wait until 12 noon spinning on the engine in front of the entrance to the marina. We enter and after completing the formalities, we stand next to the “Wyspa Szczęśliwych Dzieci”.

Las Palmas marina Las Palmas monument Gran Canaria

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