From La Rochelle to Bilbao 12-21.08.2022

La Rochelle - Bilbao

Route: La Rochelle – Royan – Capberton – Anglet – Getaria – Bilbao
Date: 12-21.08.2022
Miles / hours: 303Mm/57h

13-08-2022 Saturday to Royan
We get up at 6 am, drink coffee and go to the “fuel” pier to refuel the water – this is one of two places where we can do it – on the platforms, on the occasion of hot weather, the government has banned the use of water. During refueling, we have breakfast and leave at 7:45 am.

La Rochelle morning La Rochelle

After leaving the bay, we put up the sails, by the way, it turns out that the freshly repaired endless rope does not pass through the stopper, but it is enough to unfasten the excess protection of the rope ends and it’s OK. Unfortunately, the wind weakens after a few hours and changes direction, so to make it before the low water we throw down the sails and turn on the engine. We enter the marina at 18:20. We moor, Klara on the yacht, I go to pay for the marina (there are separate tokens for the shower) and we go to the city.

Royan violin Royan sculpture

We walk around the city – it’s a typical summer resort, we buy ice cream and go back to the yacht.

14-15-08-2022 Sunday, Monday Capberton, Anglet
We leave Royan at 9:20. Initially, we go against the wind, so on the engine, then we set the sails. It unfolds to 16-18kn, so we sail over 6kn in a full backstop. We are visited by dolphins and a large herd is swimming next to us. The average speed of the day is 5.6 knots and the maximum speed is 9.7 knots.

In the morning on high water we enter Capbreton, but it turns out that the guest berth on low water is 1m (there was no information about it on any map), so we eat breakfast and leave. We have 8Nm to the next port.

Anglet from the sea Anglet port entrance Anglet on the pier

We enter the river I’Adour on a large tidal wave (we are 3.5 hours on high water). Fortunately, deep in the river the tide is getting smaller, but the strong current remains. At the marina in Anglet, we moor at 11:45. The gentleman in the marina office asks us to move outside the first pier. A shower token costs € 2 per item. After lunch, we go for a walk around the city. Here also 15-08 is a holiday so all shops are closed.

16-08-2022 Tuesday Anglet
On Monday, we take out the bikes and go on a city tour. We are approaching the heads of the port, but there are no such big waves anymore. The city is rather ugly with no monuments, but we visit Leclerc, pharmacy, Castorama and go for kebabs. After returning, we fold our bikes, eat afternoon tea and embrace the yacht a bit.

17-08-2022 Wednesday
We go out on high water a little after 9 am. This time there is neither a large wave nor a tidal current. The forecast is up to 6B from the west and it is raining, so we put a seal and a slightly reefed cave. First we leave the mainland and then we make a turn towards San Sebastian. The wind is increase and it is really 6B. The waves sometimes exceed 3 meters, but they are long so they do not hold us.

To Getaria To Getaria waves

We roll the jib and the mainsail a little more and try to sail sharply into the wind. The tight sheet of the seal breaks off, so we reef the seal, and Tom puts on the harness and goes to tie the rest of the sheet and untie what was broken (about 2m). We are left with a lovely little trait. After 15 minutes everything returns to normal and we continue our journey. We make a decision not to enter San Sebastian (the entrance to the bay is flush with the wind) so we sail to the next port which is sheltered from the waves by the peninsula. This is Gelaria. We moor to the guest quay at 1900. It’s raining. You come from the port service and ask if we need any help. Thank you politely. People come from the neighboring yacht and admire Pluskata. After mooring, I go to pay – here the price depends on m2. Shower included, but open until 19:30. It’s raining all the time, so Tomek puts up the convertible walls and we spend the evening with a glass of wine in the cockpit.

18-08-2022 Thursday Getaria
Getaria turns out to be a beautiful town with a historic church of St. El Salvador, stone houses and lots of panoramic terraces. We walk in the rain. After returning to the yacht, Tom glues the squeaky floor.

Getaria rowers Getaria church Getaria street Getaria street Getaria street Getaria road Getaria marina Getaria mountain Getria head Getaria view Getaria sun Getaria lighthouse Getaria sculptures

19-08-2022 Friday to Bilbao
We go out in the morning as soon as it gets light. We have about 50mm to go. It is weak, so we mainly use the engine. We have already chosen the marina in Bilbao – the closest club marina to the city of Real Club Maritimo Del Abra.

Rock with lighthouse Geopark Cliffs Fisherman Bilbao cliff

First, we stand at the red pier at the very entrance and I go to the office. A very nice gentleman shows us a place to moor on the last pier, but it is peace and quiet. Everything is included. The showers are club-style and there is even a swimming pool, although I don’t know if it’s not just for club members.

20-08-2022 Saturday, Bilbao
We have been working for the yacht since morning. Tom empties the stern locker and I scrub the deck. After emptying the locker, Tom rinses the things taken out, installs the aft shower, and I clean up the chemical containers.


The biggest one is cracked, so we throw it away. The marina in Bilbao is very nice, closed area with a swimming pool, sailing shops, in the evening a security guard goes and checks the yachts, yacht carts (lots) on the berth, nice bathrooms with showers.

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