To Copenhagen 30.07-09.08.2021

Route: Górki Zachodnie-Władysławowo-Łeba-Svaneke-Ystad-Malmo-Kopenhaga
Duration: 30.07-9.08.2021
Miles/hours: 308Mm/64 hours

31.07.2021 Władysławowo
We’re leaving Górki Zachodnie after 10am. We’re sailing towards Władysławowo, the wind is good at 14-18 kn but from the wrong direction as if the wind knew where we’re heading. We’re reaching Władysławowo after 10pm. In the morning the port manager collects the fee. We’re leaving after breakfast.


01-02.08.2021 Łeba
We’re reaching Łeba before sundown, around 8pm. We tried contacting the marina on the radio but there was no response. However, there was a port manager at the entrance to the port who asked about the immersion level and directed us to a berth. We parked at 2.2m immersion level. We’re paying for the stay and electricity in the port office. Next day we’re sightseeing Łeba – we find ruins of an old church which turn out to be a part of a brick wall, but the tour is nice. Afterwards we grab seafood in a restaurant.

On the way to Svaneke   On the way to Svaneke   On the way to Svaneke   Breakfast on the tilt

03-04.08.2021 Svaneke
We’re reaching Svaneke after midnight, we’re mooring longside to a german boat which is meant to leave in the morning. The port is tiny and the entrance is poorly lit. Red buoy at the entrance has only a reflective tip and the concrete pier with 1.5m water depth behind it has no lighting whatsoever. In the morning we re-moor in a spot of Poles who are leaving.

Svaneke   Svaneke   Svaneke   Svaneke

We have electricity but we need to use both extension cords. The payment for the marina stay is done in a machine but you can choose Polish language in the machine. We take out the bicycles and rent another 2 for the day at a youth hostel for 85DKK to go for a trip to Gudhiem down the cycle path alongside the shore. We walk around the pretty town after we get back. Water hose does not reach our boat so we skip refilling the water tank.

Flaut at sunrise   Ystad marina

05-06.08.2121 Ystad
We leave Svaneke before breakfast (but after the morning coffee) and we’re sailing with the wind to Ystadt. We’re reaching Ystadt after 6pm so the port office is closed (open on weekdays 7-18 and on weekends 8-19). We’re paying for the stay in a machine. The payment includes the port fee, a deposit for a keycard to access the toilets and the bins and an advance for electricity usage. Showers are paid extra and the payment is taken off the card. It is still light outside so we’re going sightseeing around the old town.

Ystad   Ystad   Ystad   Ystad
Next day we take the bus to visit Kaseberga – day ticket for the public transport costs 24SEK. We visit Ales Stenar which is like swedish Stonehenge, we climb a hill and admire the views. We return by walking down the seashore. After returing to the marina and dinner we explore the town.

Kåseberga   Kåseberga   Ystad   Ystad

7.08.2021 Malmo
The wind is good so we set the foresail and the genoa on the same side at the 10kn wind and sail 8kn – it’s great.

Falsterbo bridge   On the way to Malmo   On the way to Malmo   Malmo
We sail under the Oresundsbron bridge (under the side span it’s 28m) and we enter the Lagunen marina in Malmo. We meet lovely people from Yacht Klub Polonia. We have a barbeque together and later on our boat we have shanties evening and more.

8.08.2021 Copenhagen
We enter Lynetten marina in Copenhagen in the early afternoon. The marina is big and with a crane but for yachts like ours they only have space for longside mooring at the first quay – everywhere else you need to enter between poles where it’s too narrow for us (usually 4m width). After mooring and, of course, dinner we go for a walk around Copenhagen.

Copenhagen   Copenhagen   Copenhagen   Copenhagen opera   Copenhagen mermaid   Copenhagen   Copenhagen   Copenhagen   Copenhagen garbage incinerator   Copenhagen ski slope   Copenhagen ski slope

9.08.2021 End of the cruise

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