From Świnoujście to Górki Zachodnie 27.08-05.09.2021

Route to Gdańsk

Route:  Świnoujście-Kołobrzeg-Hel-Gdynia-Górki Zachodnie
Date: 27.08-05.09.2021
Miles/hours: 279Nm/53 hours

27-28.08.2021 Świnoujście

In the afternoon on Friday we do shopping for 3 days (at Biedronka and Lidl) and also a short training on yacht handling and safety on board.

Świnoujście Pluskata   Świnoujście Pluskata
We pay for the marina at harbour administration (boatswain), we also buy electricity there (using a contactless card) – unused electricity can be used on the next visit. The card is also used to open the toilet door.
On Saturday morning we sail to Kołobrzeg.
At first, the wind blows 10-11kn from the NE then from the N and the yacht sails over 6kn, but around 2pm it stops blowing so we turn on the engine.

29-31.08.2021 Kołobrzeg
We visit Kołobrzeg and do some additional shopping. Kolobrzeg is a nice town, very green, and the marina has been greatly expanded since my last stay there.

Pluskata Kołobrzeg   Kołobrzeg Bindage   Iskra

During working hours, you pay for the berth at the Boatswain’s in the guest area of the marina, and then at the security in the main area (open 24 hours). After paying, you get a code to the gate to the pier and the toilets. Electricity is paid for with tokens (there are machines for tokens and “change machines” for exchanging paper money into coins).

Waves   On the way to Hel   On the Baltic Sea after sunset

02.08.2021 Hel
We arrive in the evening after having sailed 190Nm. We stop at Y booms – there is no room along the quay. Immediately the port staff appears to collect the fee. The fee includes water and electricity, but the shower is charged extra (new toilets are in operation in the “garlic” – access by code, and the shower by vending machine)

03.09.2021 Gdynia
Our first visit in the Yacht Park Gdynia marina. Having made an arrangement in advance, we know where to stay. Formalities are done in the marina office. Each yacht gets its own code, which opens the toilets and turns on the electricity in the post (included in the price of the berth is 7kWh), water is unlimited.

Gdynia work on the mast   Gdynia marina Port Yacht
The marina is large, lots of space to maneuver, wide Y booms, but the boatswain says that 80% of the places are bought as resident places. In the evening we go with friends to a super Thai pub.

05-09-2021 Górki Zachodnie
In the morning we sail to Górki Zachodnie. On the way we do a little maneuvering and around 16 we arrive at our place in the marina. We scrub the deck and have a captain’s dinner party.

06-09-2021 End of the cruise
In the morning we do some final cleaning and in the early afternoon we head home.

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